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Relevance of a Website in Today’s Business Society

Your website is your shop window, writes Nick Sweetman of e-skills, the sector skills council for business and information technology. The Importance of a website in today’s growing world cannot be over emphasized, because technology as an ever innovative trend has found its way to all aspects of the human endeavors ranging from business, medicine, art to all fields of study or practise.
Statistics has shown that adding a website to a brand or company increases its chance of success in the following way;

1. Popularity
On September 15, 1997 official website for google was registered, the following year after it was launched, the advancement of the company increased, as they were able to get a wider workspace on the internet domain giving them a chance to customize the brand as they seem fit.

2. Credibility

‘If an organization establishes trust with their audience through the content provided on its website, then those visitors could become enterprise customers or donors‘ (“Ryan and Jones. 2009”)
Through a wide range display of services rendered or services available trust and integrity can be built on the website that would increases the chances of getting a message of credibility to potential customers.

3. Allows People Learn More about you
A website gives people a chance to know more about your brand, know more about the company they would be working with, know the people personally through portfolios and learn to understand the vision and mission of the brand, and appreciate it more.

4. Showcase your solutions
A website gives you a platform for showcase of the variety of solutions you can provide, and show specificity of services to be rendered.

5. It serves as a hub for social media profiles
It is no longer just speculation, that the social media has a big contribution to play, adding to the rate at which people visit the internet today, and with a website the social media can be linked to your profiles in order to publicize your service.

6. A website can serve as a middle man between your services and the general population.

In conclusion, owning a website goes a long way to help improve the work function of your company or brand, from advertisement, to mediation between you and your customers. Services can be offered and publicized proficiently through a personal website.

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